Twitter Now Actively Censoring Julian Assange’s Mother

Twitter is now censoring Christine Assange, the mother of Wikileaks founder and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Julian Assange.

The censorship began on Tuesday, with users who visited her profile seeing a warning saying that her account is “temporarily restricted.”

Mrs. Assange uses the account for the sole purpose of advocating for the freedom of her son to her nearly 37,000 followers.

On Wednesday morning, the same message was still appearing when you visited her account.

Suzie Dawson of the Pirate Party confirmed that Mrs. Assange “cannot see or use her account at all.”

Previously speaking to the Gateway Pundit about her son’s case, Mrs. Assange explained why a preemptive pardon would be in line with the promises President Trump made during his campaign.

“President Trump was elected by the American people to ‘Drain the Swamp’ and ‘Make America Great Again,’” Mrs. Assange began. “The ‘Swamp’ is otherwise known as the Deep State — or as US President Dwight Eisenhower called it, ‘The Military Industrial Complex.’”

“In his farewell speech to the nation, Eisenhower warned the American people of its ‘dangerous and growing threat to democracy.’ My son, journalist Julian Assange, has in his courageous work as Editor in Chief of Wikileaks spent the last 12 years exposing the Deep State ‘Swamp’ which has now expanded its power and influence since the days of Eisenhower to include the intelligence agencies, Silicon Valley and much of the establishment media,” Mrs. Assange explained.

Mrs. Assange said that both President Trump and her son are considered to be outsiders who refuse to play the Deep State insider games — and share many of the same supporters who wish to reclaim democracy back from Deep State control.

“Both have been ruthlessly smeared and attacked by deep state players in the intelligence agencies, media and entertainment industry,” Mrs. Assange said of the president and her son. “I believe that if President Trump was to give Julian a preemptive pardon and save his life from the brutal political persecution and torture that he has endured for years at the hands of corrupt deep state ‘swamp’ elites, it would send a clear message to all that he is man of his word, a courageous leader who stands up for the American Constitution — a man worthy of the office of President.”

TGP has reached out to Twitter for comment about the censorship and will update this article if one is provided.

UPDATE: A Twitter representative tells the Gateway Pundit that a locked account does not necessarily mean that a user violated their rules, but adds that “we may lock an account or place temporary limitations on certain account features if an account appears to be compromised or in violation of the Twitter Rules or Terms of Service.”


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