Transgender Cyclist Who Pummeled Female Competition: Excluding Men From Women’s Sports is Like Excluding Black Women, “It’s Obviously Transphobic”

Transgender (biological male) athlete “Rachel” McKinnon (center)

Dr. “Rachel” McKinnon, a biological male, professor and transgender activist said this week that excluding men from women’s sports is like excluding black women.

“It’s obviously transphobic,” McKinnon said.

Recall, “Rachel” McKinnon is a man who won the women’s cycling world championship in October of last year — all he had to do was show up and say he was a woman named Rachel and next thing you know he’s the world champion.

A woman named Jennifer who ended up in 3rd place in the race was furious she got bumped out because a biological male entered the women’s 35-39 cycling event.

“I was the 3rd place rider. It’s definitely NOT fair,” Jennifer Wagner, a hand surgeon and competitive cyclist said.

McKinnon continued his attacks on female sports this week and claimed that excluding biological males from women’s sports is the same thing as discriminating against black women.

McKinnon: If Sharron Davies, Paula Radcliffe, or Martina Navratilova had said we need to keep black women out of sport to “protect it” and the “integrity of women’s sport”

That would be obviously racist

That’s why it’s obviously transphobic to exclude trans women now

Not “name calling”

Where are the feminists on this issue?

Rachel McKinnon is a man telling females how to run their sporting events and now he’s playing the race card to bully women who work their entire lives to train for an event only to have it stolen from them by a man.