“They Haven’t Done a Thing for Us” – President Trump Ends Payments to Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua

According to Gallup five million third world migrants from Latin America to the United States in the next 12 months.

There currently are at least 1.1 million Salvadoran immigrants in the United States.

The number represents about one-fifth (19.1 percent) of the total population of El Salvador (5.7 million in 2007 according to the Salvadoran Department of Statistics and Censuses).

(Migration Policy map)


A 20,000 strong caravan of illegal migrants is currently organizing for its trek to the United States.

On Friday President Trump told ABC he was cutting financial aid to Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Trump told ABC, “They haven’t done a thing for us.”

It’s about time.

The Daily Mail reported:

Donald Trump has announced that he is cutting financial assistance to the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Trump hinted at the cuts on Friday, as a Mexican minister claimed that the ‘mother of all caravans’ with more than 20,000 people was being organized by Honduras.

ABC reported Trump as saying: ‘I’ve ended payments to Guatemala, to Honduras, and to El Salvador. No money goes there anymore…

…Trump claimed those financial aid programs would end saying: ‘We’re not paying them anymore because they haven’t done a thing for us.’ Most migrants from the three countries come to the U.S.

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