Ted Malloch: Brexit Betrayed and Denied

Ted Malloch is the author of Davos, Aspen and Yale

Photo by Ted Malloch in London

Independence Day in Britain was supposed to be yesterday at 11:59 PM.


The United Kingdom voted in a referendum some three years ago to LEAVE the European Union.

But it didn’t happen.

Big Ben did not chime.

Freedom and sovereignty have been postponed or ignored as Parliament, and the most incompetent Prime Minister in all of history, have been unable, or more truthfully, unwilling to deliver what the democratic vote insisted.


There are four reasons that Brexit has been betrayed. Let’s inspect each one of them, for in so doing, we can comprehend what comes next, or doesn’t.

I Capitulation to an adversary

The European Union is an evil, dominating, socialist supranationalist entity that bullies everyone and everything that stands in its way. They sought to punish the UK for voting to depart its clutches and they won. The question is why did the Remain-oriented Prime Minister allow this to happen? Why did she fail to hold up her end of the bargain? Was she compromised? Did she ever want a real break with Europe after all? It sure appears not. What she did deliver after three years of diplomatic hogwash was a horrible, wretched deal that almost no one wanted. Now we will have Therexit—and she will have go herself!

II Intransigent elite in Parliament who loathes the public

In both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party you find an elite so out of touch with the normal members of British society that they actually laugh at and hate the very people they are supposed to represent. They think themselves more knowing and better than the common man. When asked to vote on a number of Brexit options all over the landscape they voted: No, No, No, No, No, No, No, and No on all eight options. They also turned down the PM’s deal on meaningful votes three times offering up instead a crisis of constitutional proportion.

III The media and the pundits lobbied in earnest to undo the vote to LEAVE.

Before the referendum and for three years since nearly all of the mainstream media and most of the think tanks, with but a few exceptions, have unloaded on the stupidity of the voters, their backwardness, racism, naiveté, and failure to take their dire economic predictions seriously. Campaign Fear was launched to scare the people but it backfired, so they doubled down. BBC, the state owned television and media monopoly, was resoundingly against Brexit, so were all but two newspapers. The Financial Times was so globalist in its slanted opinions that they looked to be literally run and financed by the Brussels dictators. In turns out they were. These same people wanted a second (and possibly third and fourth) referendum, doubtless to overturn the desire of the citizens of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

IV Economic arguments were used to trump freedom.

Over and over again the public was feed a line that Brexit would hurt them—and most of all in their pocketbooks. Jobs would be lost, economic growth would decline, and all investment would flee the British shores. London would cease to be a major capital market and Britons would see the loss of power, prestige and wealth. Technically, it was all a ‘croc of shit’ and the economic models, based on Keynesian quantitative black boxes, were erroneous, if not entirely biased. There was no fact in them, just faulty assumptions and overt political bias. None of these arguments took seriously the weight of England’s common law traditions, its long history of democracy and its unique position among nations, with the commonality in America, for liberty. In other words, freedom was sacrificed on the altar of (faulty) economics.

Today we have a situation where Brexit is betrayed and put on hold, softened to be meaningless, and possibly denied altogether.

Here is the father of Brexit, Nigel Farage, and his ilk in a video of Brits stating the obvious, democracy is now at risk:

Ted Malloch is the author of Davos, Aspen and Yale

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