Ted Lieu Deletes Insane Tweet Ripping President Trump for Trip to Alabama to Visit Tornado Victims

Trump antagonist Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) deleted a tweet posted Friday morning attacking President Donald Trump for taking a trip to Alabama. Lieu went off on Trump with Lieu acting completely unaware that parts of Alabama had been recently devastated by deadly tornadoes. Lieu later explained the tweet, saying he assumed Trump was going to Alabama for a rally.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) in a previous display of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump tweeted Friday before he departed, “Heading now to the Great State of Alabama!”, prompting Lieu to vomit on Twitter:

“WE ARE IN THE THIRD WEEK OF A NATIONAL EMERGENCY! Can you feel the emergency? Is this why @RealDonaldTrump is going to Alabama, because we need to build a Wall along Alabama’s southern border? Oh wait, I just looked at the map….#FridayMorning Thoughts”

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Lieu deleted the tweet after being hammered and posted an explanation, “I have concluded based on Twitter comments I received that my last tweet was inappropriate. I understand the purpose now of the President’s visit to Alabama. I apologize and am going to delete my tweet.”

Lieu followed with a reply to former NYPD offcier John Cardillo, crediting Cardillo with informing him about the nature of Trump’s visit to Alabama, “You have the absolute right to criticize my inappropriate tweet and to not accept my apology. It was your first Tweet that alerted me to the purpose of the President’s visit. Thank you for your input.”

Lieu explained to another critic that he assumed Trump was going to Alabama for a rally, “Sure. I thought Trump was going to a rally. Because that’s how he sometimes announces them on Twitter. I was incorrect in my assumption. And here is my explanation for why I deleted the tweet.”

A simple reply to Lieu drives home the purpose of Trump’s trip to Alabama.

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