Socialists and Antifa Mobilizing in DC to Protest Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Meeting With President Donald Trump

A large amount of Antifa and Socialist groups are organizing a protest against President Jair Bolsonaro meeting with President Donald Trump in DC this weekend.

Organizers claim that over a thousand people will be attending the protest on Sunday afternoon outside the White House.

Groups involved with the protest include Smash Racism DC (who were behind doxing many right wing figures and staging protests at Tucker Carlson’s home), Code Pink, DC United Against Hate, DC Socialists, Extinction Rebellion, All Out DC, Resist This, Socialist Alternative DC, March for Racial Justice, Jewish Voice for Peace DC, Brazilians for Democracy and Social Justice, UMD Socialists, Showing Up for Racial Justice and No Justice No Pride.

According to the event page, the “speaker List will be announced shortly. We will have Brazilian speakers, environmental activist, trans activist, socialist organizers, anti-racist organizers, and others.”


“On March 17th DC United Against Hate a coalition of socialist organizations, anti-fascist activists, progressives and others call for a rally to oppose Bolsonaro’s visit to DC. We also wish show support and solidarity with those in the international community resisting far right governments and those who support these governments.” the organizers wrote. “The same weekend there will be actions and demonstrations around the world to recognize March 16th as a International Day of anti-fascism. We stand with people from around the world who recognize the fascist threat, in doing so we are building links and standing in solidarity with our anti-fascist allies throughout world.”

The organization has been pre-making signs for people who attend, urging people to come early so they can take one home.

The schedule for Sunday’s Antifa rally is as follows:

12:30pm – Arrive
1:00pm – Opening speakers
1:30pm – Picket Blair house where Bolsonaro is staying
2:00pm – Final speakers
2:30pm – Picket the White House
3:00pm – Wrap up
3:30pm – Permit section of the rally officially ended.

Bolsonaro has been a popular figure among the populist-right. The White House has said that the two leaders will discuss “opportunities for defense cooperation, pro-growth trade policies, combatting transnational crime, and restoring democracy in Venezuela.”

The Brazilian president has been referred to by many as “the Trump of the Tropics.”

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