REVEALED: Dirty Cop Mueller’s Corrupt Strzok and Page Clearly Shared FBI Related Messages on their iPhones – Lied About It

Guest post by Joe Hoft

In December we reported that Mueller’s Special Counsel team scrubbed Peter Strzok’s phone and then turned it over to the Office of Inspector General investigators after Peter Strzok was fired from the special counsel.

Peter Strzok was fired from the Special Counsel after text messages surfaced showing that he had a strong hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters.  His lover Lisa Page reportedly resigned from the Special Counsel in May 2017 – two weeks before Strzok was fired. Lisa Page’s phone was scrubbed and not turned over to OIG until September 2018.  Strzok’s anti-Trump lover Lisa Page’s phone was also scrubbed clean.

But this was their work phones.  What about their private phones?  Did Strzok and Page use their personal devices to share work related emails. 


Peter Strzok’s attorney denied that this was the case:

However, Internet sleuths at the have collated and stored all the text messages released to date between corrupt Strzok and Page.  Per a review of this list, at least 60 times Strzok and Page encourage each other to “imsg” each other.  Here is a sampling of these texts –

Another question is how would Strzok’s attorney know what was on the corrupt FBI agent’s personal phone?  Did he review the phone himself and if so, when?

But this really doesn’t matter because there is no way that these two corrupt former FBI employees didn’t use their personal phones to communicate. 

It is easy to prove Strzok/Page used their own personal devices for messaging…because of iMsg from Apple.

For one, there’s no way the government would allow that application on their government issued devices.

For two, there is no way to get iMessages on an Android phone.  Here’s Apple’s instructions on imsg on other than Apple phones:

There is no official way to get iMessages on Android at the moment, so you’ll need to get experimental if you want to have them.”

Strzok/Page were issued Androids, and they weren’t technically efficient enough to figure out how to put that on their government-issued devices, even if the government would have allowed them to do so…..

The corrupt FBI lovers must have used their personal iPhones to communicate with each other about their coup.

Rudy Giuliani told reporters Buck Sexton and John Solomon that Robert Mueller should be investigated for the destruction of this evidence.

Rudy is right. Mueller is one of the most corrupt players in Washington DC today.  Also, Strzok and Page’s iPhones should be obtained to determine what messages they shared on their personal devices!

President Trump lashed out a dirty cop Robert Mueller on Twitter in December for scrubbing clean Strzok and Page phones before incriminating evidence was found by honest investigators.

The President is right.  The Mueller investigation is a sham.  The American people know it.  Mueller, Strzok and Page are just Deep State pawns.

Hat tip D. Manny

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