Report: Corrupt Cop Andrew Weissmann Is STILL Searching for the Elusive Trump-Russia Collusion — Even After Leaving Mueller Witch Hunt

After destroying thousands of lives through his corrupt court cases, Andrew Weissmann announced his retirement from the Mueller team and the DOJ last week after talks with the Attorney General Bill Barr.  Weissmann has destroyed many lives in reckless and corrupt actions while working for the DOJ and Mueller.

Top Mueller prosecutor, Deep State hack and Hillary Clinton supporter Attorney Andrew Weissmann will soon leave the office and the Justice Department, two sources close to the matter told NPR last week.  This was before AG Barr delivered his assessment on Andrew Weissmann and Zainad Ahmad’s conflicts while being on the Mueller Special Counsel.

It is against the law to perform certain duties with obvious conflicts of interest.  Weissmann and Ahmad both were involved in the early stages of the distribution of the fake Trump-Russia dossier and yet a year later they both were selected to be on the Mueller investigative team.  They either didn’t disclose their conflicts or they did and Mueller ignored them.

Dirty cop Robert Mueller and his Deputy in crime Andrew Weissmann have indicted a number of innocent individuals and companies of crimes over the years. Mueller is a crook and so is Weissmann who was at Hillary’s inauguration party and was informed of the fake Russia dossier in its very early days.


Weissmann reportedly stepped down last week to teach about wrongful convictions at NYU… a subject he should know plenty about.

But he won’t go away!

The Washington Times reported on Monday that Weismann was back in the game looking for ways to get Trump.

This guy is out of control.

On Manafort, a closed hearing for which a sanitized transcript was released showed Mueller senior prosecutor Andrew Weissmann is still probing the August 2016 meeting between Manafort, his ex-business partner Rick Gates and Ukraine-born Constantine Kilimnik. Mr. Kilimnik, a former low-ranking translator for Russian military intelligence, was a Manafort translator and office manager in Ukraine for a decade.

Gates has turned state’s evidence. The transcript indicates he has made a new allegation against Manafort dealing with sanctions relief that could in some way be tied to a conspiracy.

“This goes, I think, very much to the heart of what the special counsel’s office is investigating,” Mr. Weissmann told U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Judge Jackson agreed with Mr. Weissmann’s allegation that Manafort lied about the meeting during his government cooperation phase.

Defense attorney Kevin Downing called Mr. Weissmann’s theory “nonsense because no matter who gets elected, that the sanctions were going to continue against Russia. I think you need to consider this rank speculation.”

A Manafort supporter told The Washington Times, “There is no evidence of collusion.”

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