President Trump Hugs Tornado Victims in Alabama (VIDEO)

President Trump traveled to Alabama Friday to survey the tornado damage and meet with families affected by the violent twisters that ripped through Lee County earlier this week.

The President signed Bibles at a small church in Alabama as he hugged survivors and took photos with them.

A volunteer named Emily Pike told reporters that President Trump signed a Bible for her 10-year-old daughter named Meredith Pike, reported WVTM.

Pike says: “She just reached out there and said, ‘Mr. President, would you sign this?'”


The President and our lovely First Lady Melania Trump also visited a row of 23 Crosses which represented each person killed by the tornadoes.

President Trump hugged the grieving tornado victims as he toured the damage.


President Trump and First Lady Melania also viewed the memorial Crosses for the 23 people killed by the tornadoes.


Prayers for all affected by the Alabama tornadoes.

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