Portland State University Far Left ‘Bell Boy’ Disrupter Identified – Is Member of Campus Dodgeball Team and Avowed Communist

The crazed leftist agitator who crashed a speech at Portland State University last week has been identified as Nicholas Nikas, aka Nick Nikas.

He is, or has recently been, a student at Portland State University, apparently involved in the athletics department as part of the dodgeball team and possibly with track & field.

Nikas had previously been arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct during a Trump counter protest in Vancouver, Washington, in April of 2017.

He was also seen at a protest in December of 2017 shouting things such as “COMMUNISM WILL WIN! COMMUNISM WILL BE THE IDEOLOGY OF THE FUTURE” through a megaphone before his friend was hit by a small pickup truck as they were running across a bridge. He’s been seen at several other protests over the years causing trouble.


He was voted “Most Theatrical” by his high school.

Take a listen to his words of wisdom in this video, courtesy of Airliner World & More on YouTube:

His father, Sean Nikas, ran for Marion County Commissioner last year. Strangely, Nicholas donated $2000 to his father’s campaign. Perhaps Sean was just using his son’s name as a pass through?

Sean Nikas is a delegate for Democrat Party Of Oregon and can be seen speaking in this video here.

Apparently the whole family are Bernie Bros and Bro-ettes.

Nick Nikas has also been critical of other leftist organizations, such as the International Socialist Organization.


Nicholas Nikas also runs the twitter page @CasResistance and possibly the @NoHatePSU and @DefendPDX pages, as those pages all popped up around the same time and started retweeting one another. He tried to brag about his little stunt at PSU.


Also partaking in the Bell Down at Portland State University is a Navy sailor who was evidently on leave by the name of Austin Thomas Phillips. He’s the tall lanky guy in the black hoodie.


Austin Phillips did not do much to interfere with the event, but he was there in support of the bell ringer and some accuse him of shoving a black Republican student.

The guy in the other black hoodie, with the Cascadia patch, is Austin Goodrich. Yes, two Austins. He was livestreaming from his phone during the fiasco to the Cascadia Resistance twitter page.

Apparently Goodrich was a volunteer on the Bernie campaign.

And further confirmation that this is him:


You can reach PSU president Rahmat Shoureshi at 503-725-4419 or on twitter @PSUPresident and ask him if it’s acceptable for students to engage in these sorts of antics.

You can reach PSU athletic director Valerie Cleary at (503) 725-5637 or on twitter @valerie_cleary and ask her if this is acceptable behavior for student athletes.


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