Oregon Driver Who Fled Antifa Attack in 2017 Now Faces Criminal Charges Two Years Later for Fleeing the Mob (VIDEO)

A man whose truck was pelted with water bottles, rocks, fists, and other objects thrown by violent Antifa agitators is now facing four misdemeanor charges for escaping the attack.

Billy Wilson attended an event in Vancouver, Washington, in September 2017 put on by pro Trump organization Patriot Prayer. It was a fundraiser to help the firefighters who had been battling forest fires throughout the northwest. Regardless of the good-hearted gesture, far left Antifa protesters from Portland turned up to cause trouble.

As Wilson was leaving the event, several protesters proceeded to accost him in the parking lot, stalking him as he was trying to leave.

His initial offense to the protesters? Several American flags on his truck. No Trump stickers, no Confederate flags, not even a Gadsden flag.


Having American flags on your vehicle and supporting firefighters makes you an enemy of the far left.

As Wilson made it to the street, dozens of protesters followed him down the road, eventually cornering him off as he was navigating the side roads to get onto the freeway. They began to throw objects at his truck, denting the body.

Rather than drive through the protesters who were in the street illegally and blocking his path, Wilson reversed his truck to get away, and went backwards up the street for 2 blocks to the next stop light.

The masked gang continued to follow him as he tried to take a different route.

Stuck behind a few cars in front of him, and waiting for another light to turn green, Wilson found himself and his vehicle again under attack by Antifa. This time Wilson hit the gas and slid over into the next lane, driving through a red light to get away. That’s when a police cruiser dashed in front of him, sirens blaring. Police in riot gear rushed in as well. Wilson was pulled from his vehicle and handcuffed.

That’s right, police were half a block away, watching this covfefe unfold, and they refused to come to Wilson’s aid throughout the continued assault. Billy Wilson is the one arrested for trying to escape the violence.

As the police-hating protesters start cheering on the police, they also managed to grab a thin blue line flag from a motorcyle and smash it against the ground. The people who protest the police and show disdain for law enforcement are now being protected by the police.

Wilson was released from custody shortly after, with no charges.

The fake news, far left media was quick to target Wilson, comparing his actions to the Charlottesville massacre while covering for the the antifa thugs by leaving out key pieces of information or getting the facts of the matter wrong, either by incompetence or intention.

Huff Po couldn’t wait to slander Wilson:

On Sunday afternoon, a man driving a black Chevrolet Silverado adorned with American flags and a Confederate flag sticker shifted his truck into reverse and drove toward a crowd of anti-fascists who were protesting a right-wing rally in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

It was almost exactly one month after a man drove his car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters at a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer. Some of the people present felt they had just witnessed an attempted copycat attack.

“He tried to run people over,” said David Mason, 34, an anti-fascist who watched the events unfold. Car-ramming and subsequently claiming self-defense has become a “tactic” encouraged by white nationalists, Mason noted. One reporter present at the incident wrote that “the echoes of Charlottesville are hard to miss.”

“It’s disturbing that the cops seem very heavily focused on arresting people who are protesting white nationalism and white supremacy,” even as Wilson and members of the Proud Boys ― a right-wing nationalistic fraternity ― left without punishment, Mason said.

Wilson claims anti-fascists started throwing rocks and water bottles at his truck as soon as he arrived, and that he put his truck in reverse in a frantic attempt to escape.

But Mason disputes that account, claiming that Wilson parked his truck in the parking lot and chatted with people nearby for about 20 minutes before leaving the lot and driving his truck backward towards counterprotesters.

A local reporter from Willamette Week described Wilson driving slowly down a street with counterprotesters on either side of the road. As he drove by, anti-fascists filled the street behind him and threw rocks and water bottles at his truck. Suddenly, Wilson shifted into reverse and drove quickly backward, toward the protesters, for about one block. People jumped out of the way. Wilson then drove off, but soon re-emerged near the counterprotesters, where police blocked off his truck, handcuffed him and detained him nearby.

“I was definitely scared for my safety. I did not expect this at all,” Wilson said of the anti-fascists who threw objects at his car. “I was all discombobulated.”

Mason says Wilson’s account doesn’t make sense. “If he feared for his life… he could have more easily gotten clear from the crowd by moving forward,” Mason said. “Instead he squealed his tires and tried to back into a bunch of people.”

Based on video footage, there appeared to be no reason for Wilson to reverse quickly toward counterprotesters ― several of whom had to jump out of his way ― if his intention was to escape anti-fascists.

Long time antifa apologist Katie Shepherd and Willamette Week reporter wrote:

“Police in Vancouver this afternoon handcuffed and detained a man after a Patriot Prayer rally when he nearly ran his truck into a crowd of antifascist counter-protesters.

A black Chevy Silverado with Oregon plates and two large American flags and several small flags hanging from its windows (along with a Confederate flag decal displayed on the back window of the cab) drove up to the marchers. It was driving slowly down a street flanked by people dressed in black bloc clothing.

As the crowd parted to clear the way for the truck to move forward, protesters filled the street behind it and started throwing rocks and water bottles at the truck.

The driver suddenly put his vehicle in reverse and accelerated toward the protesters. As he sped up, people jumped out of the street.

The driver continued to drive in reverse for nearly a block, stopping at the next intersection and revving his engine.

The protesters yelled for everyone to clear the street and changed their path to escape the truck, walking down 6th Avenue to Washington Street. At that point, however, the truck re-appeared, cutting the marchers off.”

Obviously that’s not quite what happened, and video proves it. A cell phone video by KGW’s Maggie Vespa shows that there were, in fact, people directly in front of Wilson before he put the truck in reverse, and that marchers circled around another block to stage another confrontation, while shouting “GET HIM!”

SCARY! Driver in black truck sped off, narrowly missing several counter protesters. Happened twice before police pulled him over and detained him.They now say he was driven away in cuffs, then released without charges.ORIGINAL POST: Counter protesters following Patriot Prayer members through Vancouver.

Posted by Maggie Vespa KGW on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Street reporter Mike Bivins also posted a video showing people in front of the truck.

A now-former staff writer for the Portland Mercury, Doug Brown, piled on as well, but at least included a bit more to the story:

Trouble broke out in downtown Vancouver. After the rally was finished, and about 20 minutes before Trump Jr. sent his first tweet, a Patriot Prayer supporter with a Confederate flag tattoo and a Confederate flag on his massive pickup truck (which had Oregon plates) nearly plowed into protesters and other drivers as he sped toward opposing traffic and through a red light.

The man, identified online as Billy Wilson, had been circling protesters downtown. Stopped behind cars at a red light, a few protesters began throwing objects at his truck as they approached. Wilson quickly pulled into the opposing lane, floored it, and zoomed through the stop light. An unmarked police car pulled him over immediately and cuffed him, but soon let him go with no charges or ticket.

Lt. Kathy McNicholas of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) explained: “The preliminary information I’ve gotten is that he was in fear and was trying to leave the area because he was under attack—people surrounding the truck, damaging and throwing things.”

A follow-up story by Katie Shepherd continued to promote false accounts of the incident:

After stopping, cuffing and detaining the driver of a black Chevrolet Silverado that nearly collided with a group of antifa protesters Sunday, police let him drive away in his truck. They did not write the man a citation.

The man drove his truck, which had Oregon plates and was bedecked with several American flags and Confederate flag sticker, into a group of masked counter-protesters marching after protesting a far-right rally organized by Vancouver-based right-wing Patriot Prayer.

McNicholas says the driver claimed that the protesters on the street who yelled and banged on his doors scared him inside his vehicle. As he drove through the middle of the march, revving his engine and honking his horn repeatedly, he suddenly stopped and accelerated backwards.

Because of his claims, the officers decided they could not be sure a crime happened, McNicholas says.

After the car reversed out of the crowd, forcing people to jump out of the vehicle’s path, the driver stopped at an intersection and revved his engine as counter-protesters scrambled to change their path and get out of the truck’s way. He then went around the block and his path intersected with the protesters again—and that’s when police pulled him over.

KOIN 6’s lackluster report of the day’s account only included “Just before 4:30 p.m. the driver of a 4×4 truck sped through the crowd of marchers. Though no one was hit, it created chaos. Police surrounded the truck as marchers rapidly approached. 2 people were arrested, according to Vancouver Police.”

The Oregonian said:

Videos from the September 2017 altercation show Wilson reversed his a black Chevy pickup adorned with American flags and a Confederate sticker through the crowd of counter-protesters near the Vancouver Convention Center while strains of the song “DIxie” played from the truck’s horn. He later drove forward through the crowd walking in the middle of Columbia Street, went through a red light at an intersection nearby and then stopped when a car quickly veers in front of the truck.

Vancouver police arrived, put Wilson in handcuffs and he was later released. Police said no one was injured. The incident invoked comparisons to a month before when a woman was killed and 19 others were injured in Charlottesville, Virginia, when a man drove his car through a crowd protesting a white nationalist rally.

According to police reports, Wilson told Vancouver officers he made a wrong turn that put him in the counter-protestors’ path and sped away to stop them from damaging his truck. He said he wasn’t trying to hit anyone and feared for his safety. Witnesses told police that Wilson appeared to be intentionally trying to rile up the crowd and endanger pedestrians, the reports said.

The crowd included a few dozen people, including anti-fascist protesters and reporters.

KGW’s version of fake news included:

The driver of a large truck was detained by police after accelerating twice past a group of counter-protesters in Vancouver on Sunday afternoon.

Counter-protesters started following the Patriot Prayer demonstrators through Vancouver, throwing objects at the conservative demonstrators and their cars.

At some point, someone in a large black truck drove aggressively near where counter-protesters had gathered. The truck was almost immediately stopped by police.

Watch the incident unfold in this video, starting at around the 3:55 mark. You can see what appears to be the same truck at the beginning of the video speeding backwards to avoid counter-protesters.

Witnesses say the driver went around the block to confront the group of protesters again before police detained him.

KATU joined in the Willamette Week trope by citing Katie Shepherd’s fake news:

Willamette Week said the demonstrators were marching away from the rally site on the waterfront when a man in a pickup with Oregon plates and large American flags drove up to the group.

The crowd parted to let the truck through, then some in the group reportedly started tossing rocks and bottles at the vehicle.

Video taken at the scene shows the driver put the pickup in reverse before driving through the crowd.

Another story by KATU was even less complete and riddled with further inaccuracies:

After the Patriot Prayer rally turned violent, members moved across the river to Vancouver. There, someone captured a video of a truck suddenly accelerating near a crowd of Antifa protesters.

Two more people were arrested in Vancouver. Sources say the driver of the truck is one of them.

The next day, KATU News was honest enough to at least try to report the truth:

Shout out to The Columbian, who has also managed to publish balanced accounts of what transpired.

In the months since, Wilson has received slews of phone calls, text messages, and emails of threatening nature. Even the auto shop he works at has been getting threats, as the Huffington Post article includes:

Anti-fascists have shared Wilson’s contact information online, along with information about his employer and photos of his house and wife. He and his wife shut down their Facebook pages and turned off their phones after being inundated with harassment and death threats, he says. The auto salvage shop where Wilson works has been hit with one-star reviews on Yelp as punishment for not firing him.

Garry Gossett, the manager of the auto salvage shop, says he doesn’t believe the allegations against Wilson, but chose to suspend him indefinitely on Wednesday after three people showed up at the shop threatening to stage a protest. An online petition calling for Wilson to be charged with attempted vehicular homicide has more than 2,300 signatures.”

Though the incident occurred on September 10th, 2017, it wasn’t until January 17th, 2019, when Clark County (Washington) district attorney Tony Golik served Billy Wilson with formal criminal charges of 2 counts each of Reckless Driving and Reckless Endangerment.

As this is a clear example of someone trying to escape violence, Patriot Prayer held a rally on Saturday, March 2nd, in support of Wilson, urging the hack district attorney to drop charges and instead pursue charges on the violent thugs who instigated the conflict.

Cue the mainstream, who had to choose to either double down on their falsehoods or ignore the story. Now that Wilson and his supporters get to tell the story, mainstream media outlets will have a hard time covering for the violent far left.

KOIN’s article was littered with references to fascism and nazism:

A rally to support the driver of a pickup truck who sped through a crowd of protesters in 2017 was organized and held in Vancouver Saturday afternoon.

The “Free Billy Wilson Rally,” organized by Patriot Prayer and 3% of Washington, began at 1 p.m. outside of the Clark County Courthouse in Vancouver.

A few dozen people waving flags gathered at the courthouse. It was over shortly after 2 p.m.

The article then goes on to re-hash their original fake report from September 10th, 2017.

KPTV actually sent a news crew out to cover the rally, though their article only includes a still picture.

Crickets from Willamette Week, Oregonian, Portland Mercury, KGW, KATU, and especially Huff Po.

Patriot Prayer leader, Joey Gibson, produced a video that compiled all of the different videos and angles from the event in question, which include antifa assaulting independent journalists and pelting another car that also had to speed away, but that driver never faced any charges.

Patriot getting charged for self defense by far left lawyer

HUGE RALLY IN VANCOUVER WA TO KEEP PORTLAND OUT OF VANCOUVER AND TO FREE BILLY WILSONPhone: 360.397.2261Phone: 564.397.2261Email: [email protected] Golik, a far left Portland State University graduate and prosecuting attorney in Clark County has decided to politically charge Billy Wilson. Billy is a freedom loving american who went to a Patriot Prayer rally and was attacked while leaving in his truck. He quickly accelerated while they were throwing rocks at his car. THIS VIDEO WILL REALLY UPSET YOU. We are asking for hundreds of people to flood his email and phone line to demand he drops this case immediately. We will also have a huge rally on the court house steps March 2nd demanding that HE DROPS THIS CASE AND DEMANDING THAT Vancouver stick with law and order and not become another lawless Portland Oregon. Next court date is in April.Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2326220244312785/GibsonForFreedom.com/Donate

Posted by Patriot Prayer on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer have other events planned to support Billy Wilson.

This is a battle against mainstream media’s fake news, the violent left, and corrupt district attorneys.


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