Oh Please. Hillary Clinton Answers FaceTime From Her Grandkids During Speaking Gig – Acts Like Call Is Spontaneous (VIDEO)

Everything Hillary Clinton does is calculating and contrived — EVERYTHING.

Earlier this week Hillary Clinton spoke at the launch of ‘Vote Mama’ which was founded by former Congressional candidate Liuba Gretchen Shirley.

‘Vote Mama’ is an organization that helps elect ‘Democrat moms with young children running for office.’

What better way for Hillary Clinton, a hardened, corrupt, cutthroat politician to look like a relatable nurturing, grandmother with maternal instincts than a ‘surprise’ FaceTime from her grandchildren.

Hillary Clinton’s cell phone rang very loudly in the middle of her speech so she abruptly stopped speaking and said, “oh dear” and took her phone out of her pocket.

A woman even said, “It’s her grandchild!” before Hillary Clinton even confirmed her grandkids called her on FaceTime.

All the women in the room cheered as Hillary waved to her grandkids — Hillary acted like the phone call was spontaneous, but in reality she probably has a completely separate phone just to communicate with her family, so this is probably her ‘family phone’ and the whole stunt was planned.

Hillary always goes to great lengths to appear more ‘human’ rather than the cold, criminal politician she really is in order to capture the female vote.

This ‘spontaneous’ phone call was completely contrived — major cringe.


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