OAN Reporter and Game of Thrones Aficionado Jack Posobiec Leaks Information About Upcoming Final Season (No Spoilers)

One America News Network reporter Jack Posobiec says he has obtained leaked spoilers from the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones.

Posobiec used an alternate Twitter account to share details he has obtained about GOT Season 8, which isn’t set to begin airing for two more weeks.

When asked by Gateway Pundit how he obtained the leaked details, Posobiec pointed to a Game of Thrones blog he used to run, called AngryGoTFan.

“For five years I ran the blog AngryGoTFan critiquing the TV show. During that time I established a well-known name in the Game of Thrones fandom and built a strong source network of background extras, script translators, and people who live near the sets where it is shot on location around the world,” Posobiec explained. “For this leak I went back to that source network and also added in the credible leaks that have already come out on Reddit and YouTube from people like Frikidoctor and FreeFolk.”


Friends of Posobiec, as well as an editor at this website, have warned the reporter that if he spoils the show for them — there will be problems.

Sophie Turner, who plays Arya Stark’s sister, Sansa, told Rolling Stone that “I feel very satisfied with the ending of the entire show. Every story arc came to a really good close.”

In the official trailer for the new season, Arya says, “I know death. He’s got many faces. I’m looking forward to seeing this one,” but the two minute long preview leaves many questions unanswered and keeps the major plot points a mystery.

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