MUST SEE: Petite Female Trump Supporter Runs Off Antifa Protester at Deplorables Comedy Show in Portland (VIDEO)

Nick Nikas, best known for clanging the cowbell at a Portland State University event earlier in the month and for shouting “communism is the ideology of the future” through a megaphone shortly before his friend got hit by a truck, has returned. This time, he was spotted harassing patrons of The Deplorables tour as they made their stop in Portland.

In the video, posted by the area’s premier political reporter, Andy Ngo, Nikas can be seen shouting at the Trump supporters across the street from the theater. “I wish I had my cowbell,” Nikas exclaims.

At some point later, Nikas is seen backpeddling down the street as a few Trump supporters are walking down the sidewalk, while he shouts about sodomy. Also in the shot are cop watcher/street videographers Mike Bluehair, Uncle Bob, and Chris Ponte. “Maybe you should stick your own head up your a**,” he shouts.

Leading the Trump supporters is outspoken activist Haley Adams, who is a petite blonde girl. Nicholas Nikas evidently interprets her to be a threat, and pulls out a can of mace, threatening to spray her and her two Trump supporter friends. That’s very interesting, because Nikas himself has admitted to taking part more threatening behavior than that.

Anyway, here’s the video, posted by Ngo and shared by The Deplorable Choir, which is performing as part of the tour.


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