Mueller Russia Witch Hunt Already FINANCED THROUGH SEPTEMBER

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller and the team of Hillary/Obama donors assembled to investigate President Trump and his associates for the ‘crime’ of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 are already funded through September, according to three officials.

Reuters reported that the funding of Mueller’s team was not addressed in the budget request issued by the White House and DOJ Monday because the special counsel is financed by the US Treasury.

“The Special Counsel is funded by the Independent Counsel appropriation, a permanent indefinite appropriation established in the Department’s 1988 Appropriations Act,” a Justice Department spokesman said.

According to reports, Mueller is winding down his unconstitutional Trump-Russia witch hunt and ready to release a final report to Attorney General Bill Barr, however there is evidence to the contrary.

Beryl Howell, the Obama-appointed federal judge of the DC District Court who oversees Mueller’s grand jury, issued the 23-person jury a six-month extension in January, indicating Mueller’s inquisition is far from over.

Mueller’s witch hunt, which began in May of 2017 just days after (and in response to) President Trump exercised his Constitutional authority to fire James Comey as FBI Director, has cost taxpayers over $30 million dollars — Mueller has returned several indictments on process crimes, however, there is ZERO evidence Trump conspired with Russia during the 2016 election.

According to the special counsel rules, Robert Mueller has to submit a “confidential” report to the attorney general. The rules do not require the attorney general to share the report with Congress or even make it public, but the Democrats announced they will fight like hell to get their hands on the report — even if it means using subpoena power.

Democrats are gearing up to subpoena Mueller’s report if Attorney General Bill Barr refuses to release the report to the public so they can selectively leak the contents to their stenographers in the fake news media.

Democrats also fear that Mueller’s report will be anticlimactic which is why both the House Intel Panel and House Judiciary Panel just launched additional ‘Trump-Russia’ investigations so they can continue to harass President Trump.

The Deep State attempted a coup against Donald Trump — it’s time to jail the coup plotters.

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