MASSIVE Overflow Crowd of THOUSANDS Stand Outside Grand Rapids Rally to Hear President Trump (Photos, Video)

A massive overflow crowd of thousands of red MAGA hat wearing supporters who could not get in to the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, watched and listened outside to President Donald Trump’s raucous speech via jumbo video screens on a crisp spring evening. (Link to earlier TGP report on “sea of red hats” lined up before dawn.)

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale put the overflow crowd at nearly 20,000, posting over a  Trump video of the huge line waiting to get in the rally.

After the rally Trump posted a video of the overflow crowd.


Photos and video posted by others back up the claim of a massive overflow crowd of supporters. However, Grand Rapids police out the total number of attendees at 15,000.

Overhead video of a good part of the overflow.

More photos and videos from attendees.

Comment from attendee on crowd estimate.

Closing with one last photo via President Trump.

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