Linda Sarsour Attacks “Typical White Feminist” Pelosi for Condemnation of Anti-Semite Democrat Ilhan Omar

Linda Sarsour, Rep. Ilhan Omar

Linda Sarsour, the hijab-clad, pro-Sharia law leader of the Women’s March attacked Pelosi after the Speaker decided to take action against Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) and introduce a resolution to condemn the Democrat lawmaker for her anti-Semitic remarks.

On Monday, Pelosi and other top Democrats announced they will take action on Wednesday in response to Ilhan Omar’s remarks about pro-Israel advocates having an “allegiance to a foreign country.”

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian activist who previously called for jihad against the Trump administration, defended her “sister” Ilhan Omar in a long-winded Facebook rant Monday night.

“Nancy is a typical white feminist upholding the patriarchy doing the dirty work of powerful white men. God forbid the men are upset – no worries, Nancy to the rescue to stroke their egos,” Sarsour said in a Facebook post.

Sarsour then played victim and cried about (non-existent) “Islamophobia,” “For years, when members of Congress have spewed blatant anti-Muslim racism, islamophobia, propaganda against Muslims and even held racist hearings with our tax payer dollars, Democratic leadership were never swift to condemn said members or put out resolutions condemning islamophobia and/or standing in solidarity with Muslims on the record in Congress.”

“I won’t be silent,” Sarsour said accusing the Democrats of dividing the base.

Sarsour concluded her rant by saying she stands with Ilhan Omar and reinforced her “top priority is the safety of our sister and her family.”