Liar Michael Cohen Hires Snake Lanny Davis – Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Best Friend – to Represent Him… Get’s Bit

Lanny Davis and Michael Cohen.

Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen raised eyebrows when he hired longtime Clinton associate and close personal friend Lanny Davis to represent him from the Deep State inquiries.

Lanny Davis, a staunch Hillary supporter, served as a special counsel to President Bill Clinton, and was a spokesperson for the President and the White House on matters concerning campaign-finance investigations and other legal issues.


Lanny Davis, Cohen’s current lawyer also told the Wall Street Journal late Wednesday that Michael Cohen previously directed one of his lawyers to ask the White House about a presidential pardon — which contradicts his sworn testimony to Congress.

Michael Cohen learned the hard way. His far left attorney just burned him.
You hang with snakes — you get bit.

President Trump spoke about this…

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