BREAKING: Capitol Hill Has Been Alerted to Expect 4-Page Letter From AG Barr in 30-45 Minutes

Capitol Hill was just alerted to expect a letter from Attorney General Bill Barr by approximately 4 PM EST, according to a DOJ official.

Bill Barr’s letter is reportedly 4 pages long.

Congress has been told to expect a summary of Mueller’s investigation this afternoon; the summary is expected to reveal Mueller’s main findings of his two year witch hunt that only yielded indictments on process crimes.

FOX News reported earlier that DAG Rod Rosenstein and AG Bill Barr were meeting this morning at the Department of Justice.

Democrats are already demanding every testimony and all information from the two year harassment and attempted coup of the Trump administration.

By US law the innocent victims of the criminal investigation should be protected from disclosure. Democrats want all of the information so they can continue their smear campaign against this administration.

Mueller’s attempted coup of President Trump ended on Friday when he gave his final report to the Justice Department and AG Bill Barr with no new indictments.

Barr sent a letter to Congress on Friday confirming that Mueller had free rein to investigate and do whatever he wanted — Mueller was basically King of the Justice Department for almost two years.

Democrats will no doubt use Mueller’s report as fodder to continue to harass President Trump and possibly use it to push for impeachment.

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