In Wake of NZ Mosque Attacks Deep State Moves to Wipe Out 8Chan and VOAT

In November 2015 Islamic State fighters stormed several restaurants and the Bataclan Nightclub in Paris. The Islamists murdered 130 people and wounded another 413.

Paris officials were stunned by the attacks. The ISIS killers were suspected of passing encrypted messages on games consoles to hide their conspiracy. Police seized at least one Sony Playstation 4 console following the attacks. Police later said PS4 was more difficult to keep track of than WhatsApp.

PlayStation 4 is still sold in the West. There are numerous ways today for terrorists to secretly communicate thanks to Western ingenuity.


Radical mosques still operate in the West and throughout the world.

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On Friday morning an evil bloodthirsty killer stormed two mosques in ChristChurch and slaughtered 47 worshipers.

The media later reported the killer advertised the shooting—and the fact that he would stream it live—on the message board site 8chan. According to Foreign Policy 8chan is “an image-sharing site that prides itself on hosting content deemed too offensive for the internet’s other cesspools.”

The killer, Brenton Tarrant, posted on 8chan his intentions but the post did not go live until his attack was underway“by the time you read this I should be going live.”

It took authorities less than 24 hours to shut down mobile access to 8chan and VOAT in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a member of the “5 eyes” network.

8chan and VOAT boards are main opposition sites to the Deep State and they know this.

Forbes dutifully pushed for the elimination of 8chan after the massacre on Friday.

They use the boycott of the crappy movie Star Wars as a reason to eliminate 8chan.

The Deep State needs complete control.

Shortly before the attack, in what appeared to be posts from the alleged shooter, links to a Facebook livestream of the killings were shared on 8chan. Social media channels later struggled to remove copies of that stream, while his 74-page “manifesto” also spread from 8chan across the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Long known as a haven for extremist, right-wing thought, and a wilder version of the already unruly 4Chan, the 8chan forum has courted controversy in the past. In 2015, for instance, users of the fringe site started a campaign to boycott Star Wars because it had black and female leads. In the same year, child pornography appeared on 8chan, leading Google to delist it. Channels that appear to advertise child-abuse material remain live on the site today.

If the New Zealand terrorist really was radicalized on 8chan, and if there’s such a cornucopia of appalling material on the forum, what should be done to counter extremism and illegal activity on the site? Should it be taken down entirely?

8chan is working with US law enforcement regarding the mass killing.

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