HOORAY! Michelle Malkin Defends Trump Voters, Bashes GOP Elites and Doubles Down on “Ghost of John McCain” (VIDEO)

Michelle Malkin delivered a take no prisoners speech at CPAC on Friday, the likes of which the conservative community hasn’t seen since Andrew Breitbart stood in the very same room and declared his war on Americas cultural Marxists.

Malkin called out neocons, the establishment on both sides, and even the ghost of John McCain — earning her an enthusiastic standing ovation.

“I have been accused of being a ‘grifter’… but it’s the GOP sellouts, not just the radical open borders left, that is in bed with immigration saboteurs. Like the ones who hijacked the tea party movement to shill for amnesty. Those are the real grifters,” Malkin said. “Cashing in and practicing deceit at the expense of their base and the expense of our country.”

The courageous journalist took aim specifically at “retired Paul Ryan,” Mitch McConnell, and the Bush family, before adding “and yes I’m looking at you — the ghost of John McCain!”

The line caused many of the excited conference attendees to leap to their feet for an extended standing ovation.

On Saturday Michelle Malkin doubled-down on her attack against the GOP elites.
Michelle Malkin is not shy about her defense of grassroots activists and Trump voters.

Michelle Malkin: If you’ll look at the full context of my remarks… You’ll see waht people were cheering, and I’ve always had my heart in the place of the grassroots of the conservative movement, not the Republican Party and elites. And as much as the Democrat Party if falling apart there has to be a reckoning between the grassroots versus the elites and who Trump represents. And the fact is the ghost of John McCain and all the other bib business, Chamber of Commerce type Republicans that have been selling out the American people. That’s who the Republican Party needs to reconnect.

Bravo! And that is why we LOVE Michelle Malkin!

And for the record… Since when is it off limits to criticize a dead man’s immigration and amnesty policies?

Via Watters World:

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