Florida State Sen. Joe Gruters Files Legislation To Punish Twitter and Facebook For Conservative Censorship

By Jim Hoft and Jacob Engels

State Senator Joe Gruters, who also serves as the Chairman of President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign efforts in Florida, has submitted a bill that would fine tech companies Twitter and Facebook $75,000 per purposeful deletion or censoring of a user’s speech.

His legislation comes on the heels of an eye-opening segment with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, his top lawyer, and blogger Tim Pool on the Joe Rogan Experience where he admitted to arbitrary censorship of conservatives and a varying set of explanations on how the company enforced it’s terms of services upon users.


Dorsey has also announced that he was “too harsh” in his censorship of right-wing personalities as he let violent calls to action and harassment continue on progressive accounts.

A recent study showed that in nearly two-dozen instances of high-profile permanent suspensions by Twitter of prominent political or social commentators, 99% of those suspensions were directed at conservative or right-leaning accounts.

Facebook has also been exposed by a top-level whistle-blower for “deboosting” and “shadowbanning” conservative and Trump-aligned content, which corroborates a Project Veritas video expose from several months ago released by investigative journalist James O’Keefe.

In recent studies The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Casssandra Fairbanks were shadowbanned.  Associate Editor Cristina Laila was threatened by Twitter for breaking Pakistani blasphemy laws.  And writer Jacob Engels was banned from Twitter for posting about Muslim rape gangs.

Jacob Engels

According to Florida Politics, Gruter’s censorship-busting bill would also address shadow-banning.

“His bill prohibits major social media platforms (those with 75 million subscribers or more) from deleting or even disfavoring political or religious speech.

In addition to censorship, it appears to address “shadow-banning,” a method many conservatives believe platforms employ to keep users’ comments out of feeds without kicking them off platforms entirely.

All of this violates constitutional freedoms for Florida users, according to Gruters. “These social media giants don’t need to be taking away a First Amendment right,” he said.”

Not surprisingly, alt-left journalist and suspected tech-fascist Jerry Iannelli of the Miami New-Times, seemed rather upset about the fact that tech-companies could soon be held accountable for their blatant depersoning and dehumanization of their political opponents, though he did address several high-profile suspensions or bans that could have been stopped if Gruter’s legislation was already in place.

The effort by one of Donald Trump’s longest standing allies in the Sunshine State comes on the heels of this Gateway Pundit reporter being permanently banned from Twitter for protesting Ilhan Omar’s ties to Radical Islam in late February and the activities of fellow investigative journalist Laura Loomer to save America from turning into an Islamicized sharia state like many regions in Europe.

Loomer and other targets of censorship from online platforms will be hosting a rally outside San Francisco City Hall on May 3rd. Information about the event can be found at DEMANDFREESPEECH.COM

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