Fired FBI Director Comey: Mueller Probe Establishes that the FBI Is Not Corrupt… It Did?

Fired FBI Director James Comey went on with NBC News on Wednesday to discuss the Mueller Report that exonerated President Trump.

For two years the fired FBI Director has been out smearing the President Trump and pushing the conspiracy that he was colluding with Russia. In fact, Comey admitted in Congressional testimony that he leaked his meeting notes with the president to The New York Times to hatch the Special Counsel against this president.

On Wednesday Comey — with out any sense of shame — that he was happy Mueller did not find collusion. He then added that the probe established that the FBI is not corrupt? It did?

Jacm”It establishes, I hope, to all people – no matter where they are on the spectrum – that the FBI is not corrupt. Based on what I’ve seen, this is a good thing.”

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