Far Left Media Hack Dovere Continues To Slander GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Over Fake Trump Phone Call

Edward-Isaac Dovere, hack writer for leftist site The Atlantic, continues to make the allegation that Rep. Matt Gaetz’s tweet to Michael Cohen was somehow an order from Trump, claiming that Trump called Gaetz from Hanoi.

And a screenshot for when (if?) he ever deletes the tweet:

The problem for Dovere is that his claims are untrue and are debunked.

Gaetz was talking to Governor DeSantis about a different matter, with witness accounts and phone records to back it up.


But that doesn’t stop Dovere from doubling down:

Also screencapped for when (if?) he ever deletes it:

Devore, who’s also gotten into heated exchanges with democrats, such as Alan Grayson, refuses to retract this.

Maybe he’s just trying to be the next Kurt Eichenwald, another journalist who promotes suspect news and creates controversy to boost his own profile.

Even other leftist sites have chimed in to set the record straight, namely Huffington Post.

And then there’s this…

Other leftist fake news sites continue to parrot the false account, such as CNN, who had Dovere on the air, along with Avery Friedman, to discuss the matter.

Travis Gettys, of Raw Story, also perpetuated the fake story, and his story was echoed in Salon. The Miami Herald published a piece that reads more like the delusional rantings of someone’s 2 bit blog.

Unfortunately, even Daily Caller fell for the hoax. Predictably, rags such as Rolling Stone, Politico (Dovere’s former employer), and, of course, MSNBC.

This is how fake news spreads throughout the mainstream media.

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