EPIC MELTDOWN: Celebrities Lose Their Minds After Mueller Exonerates Trump

Limousine liberals, many of whom are in the advanced stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), have suddenly forgotten that they once loved Robert Mueller.

The special counsel, they hoped, would once and for all find evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 election his way. But after two years on inquiry and tens of millions of dollars, Mueller didn’t find diddly, and said so, at least according to a summary of the report’s findings.

That set off the glitterati, who went bonkers after the findings were released Sunday.

finds no evidence showing of ‘collusion’ with Russia, but stops short of ‘exonerating’ Trump on obstruction of justice,” singer Better Midler wrote on Twitter. “Knowing Trump, he probably tried to do exactly that. TWO MORE YEARS OF CHAOS, RACE BAITING, GRIFTERS, CON ARTISTS, SHAME/FEAR. SAD.”

A couple of so-called comedians lost their minds, too.

“Great news that there was no collusion with Russia by the @potus — now he can focus on finding, disabling and punishing those who worked for Russia to attack the US election. Now THAT’s a National Emergency worth skipping golf for,” Sarah Silverman wrote on Twitter.

Chelsea Handler said: “I will admit my feelings for Mueller are conflicted now and my sexual attraction to him is in peril, but I still believe there is a lot more to come, and we must all march in the streets if we don’t see that report.”

Other “funny” people piled on.

“Did not imagine a world where they were able to indict Aunt Becky before Donald Trump,” actor and comedian Billy Eichner tweeted, referring to actress Lori Loughlin, who is charged in an alleged nationwide college entrance exam cheating scandal.

Alyssa Milano, a card-carrying anti-Trumper who suffers from acute TDS, chimed in, too, asking why Mueller’s full report has not been released. “If the report fully exonerated him or his family, he’d have it all out in seconds. Wouldn’t he?” (Uh, for the record, the report is in the hands of the Justice Department, which handles such matters, Alyssa).

After Trump tweeted that the summary of the report clears him, actor Adam Goldberg wrote: “You gleaned this from a report based on an investigation you deemed a sham and which clearly states it does not exonerate you?”


Then the conspiracy theories started. Jon Cryer, former star of “Two and a Half Men,” questioned the credibility of Attorney General Robert Barr. “This is why Trump appointed Barr,” he wrote, retweeting an article.

Sad funnyman Jim Carrey hit Barr as well. “The Mueller report is out! The question now is…how low will this Barr go?” he wrote on Twitter.


Other actors joined in the fun, with Mia Farrow bringing in Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner.

Actor John Leguizamo said “#trumpColluded beyond a doubt! Now America must confront itself about its own moral Boundaries and code of ethics! Turning point in American history! Are we a rule of law country or are we a lawless lie!”

If Sulu from “Star Trek” had something to say.

Meawhile, actor Don Cheadle decided to attack White House spokesman Sarah Sanders.


And Sean Astin, “Lord of the Rings” and “Stranger Things,” even blasted Mueller.

Now, in their defense, we will note that you can’t blame the glitterati. They’re only parroting back what they’ve been told on the only news programs and websites their watch and read. Maybve it’s time to widen your horizons, people.








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