Dunce Rep. AOC Wants To Install Solar Panels On LaGuardia Airport As Part of Green Plan – Before She Eliminates All Air Travel

Guest post by Bright Start News

“Idiot” Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to place solar panels on the roof of Laguardia Airport.

AOC might want to hop on the internet and do a little research about the amount of sunlight LaGuardia gets in an average year. It ain’t much.

Partly Sunny Days have cloud covering from 40% to 70% of the sky during the daytime.

There are only 96 days a year that have clear skies. The rest of the time, the cloud cover is anywhere from 40-100%.

That means Cortez scores about a 26% on this effort. An F-

FLASHBACK: AOC’s Green New Deal to eliminate air travel in favor of trains.

Maybe she can order all those solar panels from Amazon? Oh. Wait. Never mind.