Drag Queen Performs For 2-Year-Old Boy – Dances in Skimpy Outfit – Spreads His Legs in Toddler’s Face (VIDEO)

Apparently ‘Drag Brunch’ is now a thing.

A drag queen dressed in a skimpy outfit paired with thigh-high boots performed for a 2-year-old boy in New Jersey over the weekend.

Marti Gould Cummings posted the appalling video to Twitter on Saturday with a caption, “When a 2-year-old comes to brunch, you perform Baby Shark for them.”

The drag queen is seen dancing to a song during the new ‘What’s the Tea Drag Brunch’ at Talde, a restaurant in New Jersey.

The queen serenaded the toddler then hopped up on the table within a couple feet of the 2-year-old boy’s face and spread his legs.

“Anyone who thinks drag isn’t for children is wrong,” Cummings said in an interview with NBC News. “Drag is expression, and children are such judgment-free beings; they don’t really care what you’re wearing, just what you’re performing.”

“It’s the same when I do Drag Queen Story Hour,” he added, referring to the sick and twisted trend where drag queens read to children at public libraries and bookstores. “They don’t care that I am a gay man in a dress; they care about the story I am reading.”

“It would be nice if us adults could let the child inside of us out for a little bit, so maybe we could all be a little more accepting of others ourselves,” Cummings continued.

What is going on in this country??


Why on earth would any parent bring their child around drag queens??

A Houston public library recently issued an apology after it was discovered one of their drag queen storytime readers was previously charged with child sexual assault — the library never even did a background check on the drag queen.

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