Dimwitted Actress Brags About Being Arrested During Kavanaugh Hearing, Sad She Didn’t Have a Mug Shot Taken ‘Like Jane Fonda’

In case you had any doubts that the actresses and entertainers protesting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were doing it for any reason other than self-promotion, actress Piper Perabo is here to tell you how disappointed she is that she didn’t get a mug shot taken “like Jane Fonda.”

Appearing on CBS’s Late Late Show host James Corden on Tuesday, the washed up actress who was in Coyote Ugly nearly two decades ago, explained how exciting it was to get arrested — and her disappointment that she didn’t get a mugshot taken “like Jane Fonda.”

“I got so excited. It was terrifying. Because I never was arrested before, and you have to stand up in the Senate building while the senators are speaking and interrupt and say ‘I object,'” the actress gushed about her role as a protester. “And I feel that this president is an unindicted co-conspirator in a felony investigation and he shouldn’t be allowed to appoint justices until that matter is cleared up. You shouldn’t be allowed to pick your own judges.”

The cringe-worthy idiocy did not stop there.


Explaining the process of being arrested, the dopey actress said “they take you out of the Senate room where the big hearing is, and they take your stuff and put you in handcuffs and put you in a truck with all the other ladies that got arrested. All these women stood up to object. Then they drive you to the police station. And you get processed.”

“It does sound exciting,” Corden said.

“It was kind of like a movie. I wanted to get the mug shot like Jane Fonda but they don’t do that for this,” Perabo whined.

Watch the video via MRC:

The actress has milked the arrest for all it’s worth, even penning an op-ed about her experience for CNN.

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