THIS IS A DISGRACE! Did Reuters Doctor Trump CPAC Photo to Make Him Look Bad?… Or Something Else? (Photos-Video)

Is Reuters up to its old tricks again?

Reuters has a history of doctoring photos to make the Israelis look bad, now they’re doctoring photos of the president to make him look bad, because he had the audacity to show love for the American Flag.

Here’s the photo from Yahoo-Reuters by Joshua Roberts that was republished (you can look up the image by google image search to see how many people ran with the fake photo):


Via @HollywoodHawk

Here is the real image taken from a video:

And here is the video from Saturday of President Trump hugging the US flag.

Here is another view of President Trump hugging the flag.
Does it appear he dropped his jaw like in the Reuters photo?

We reached out to Joshua Roberts for comment and will post an update when we here back.

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