Detroit Foundation Hotel Apologizes After Blocking Conservative ‘We Build the Wall’ Group Reservations — Following Gateway Pundit Exposé

The Gateway Pundit gets results!

The Detroit Foundation Hotel apologized to the ‘We Build the Wall’ group after The Gateway Pundit reported on their Magaphobia.

The Gateway Pundit published a report last weekend after this reporter obtained emails sent from a Detroit Foundation Hotel staffer rescinding a group offer rate after finding out that high profile Trump supporters were on the list of guests.

Triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage, Steve Bannon, Sheriff Clarke and crew were recommended they stay at the Detroit Foundation Hotel because of the close proximity to the Cobo Center where the town hall will be held Thursday night.

The hotel staffer was eager to assist Brian Kolfage and offered him a group discount of $186.00 per room instead of the single room reservation price of $250.00 per night.

As soon as Brian Kolfage emailed the guest list over to the hotel staffer, they replied by rescinding the group discount. (screenshot below)

After The Gateway Pundit’s report on the Detroit Foundation Hotel’s MAGAphobia went viral, the hotel issued a public apology:

The Foundation Hotel apologizes that a position that does not reflect our policy was in anyway represented to a potential guest and that an unauthorized decision to rescind a standing offer was made. We have taken necessary steps to resolve the situation. The discount group offer for the party in question is extended. The Foundation Hotel does not discriminate against guests based on race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, and marital status, The hotel was built on the very premises of being inclusive and serving the community in all ways it can.

WXYZ, a local Detroit affiliate for ABC 7 picked up the story and cited The Gateway Pundit’s report.


The Gateway Pundit will be live-streaming the ‘We Build the Wall’ event tonight.

Protesters are expected to show up to the venue tonight as well. Stay tuned!