Dershowitz: Manafort Got “Very Harsh Sentence – May Very Well Die in Prison” (VIDEO)

On Friday Harvard attorney and author Alan Dershowitz joined America’s Newsroom on FOX News Channel to discuss the Manafort sentencing.

Paul Manafort was arrested by Deep State Robert Mueller for working on the Trump Campaign. The liberal media may have a different explanation but you all know the truth. Manafort was absolved for the same crimes years ago in a previous investigation. The liberal media will never report this. They believe his life does not matter because he supported and assisted Donald Trump.

Dershowitz told Bill Hemmer, “I have to tell you, people have been talking about the Manafort sentence as a low sentence. You know, that’s a very harsh sentence for a man of his age. He may very well die in prison.”


Manafort is a prime example of our two-tiered legal system.
Republicans are arrested and jailed for process crimes.
Democrats can do as they please.

Via Breitbart:

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