Conservative-Populist Party Wins Salzburg Elections for the First Time Since World War II

For the first time in the postwar period the ÖVP conservative party won the Salzburg, Austria municipal elections this weekend.

Kronen Zeitung

The conservatives won bigly in the state of Salzburg, one of Austria’s nine states.


For decades Salzburg was leftie, but in the last few years had moved right. Today Salzburg took a big turn to the right.
The lefties lost so big that their heads are spinning.

The Salzburger Nachrichten reported:

In Salzburg, there was a victory of the ÖVP in the mayoral and municipal elections. For the first time in the postwar period, the People’s Party became the strongest party in the city council in the city of Salzburg, almost doubling with 36.7 percent (plus 17.3 percentage points). But it was not enough for the immediate re-election of Mayor Harald Preuner (ÖVP).

The ÖVP not only became the strongest force in the town hall for the first time, it also captured the percentage best result of the People’s Party in post-war history. With 36.7 percent (plus 17.3) she will in future make 16 seats in the 40-member local council (plus 8). The SPÖ fell by 6.2 percentage points to 26.8 percent and will in future only be represented by eleven local councilors (minus 4) in the city parliament. The green citizen list defended third place: with 15.2 percent (plus 1.6) she will continue to provide six mandates. The turnout was 48.23 percent this Sunday in the state capital – including the already absent postal vote.

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