Claim: Human Feces in Toilet Water Dumped on Trump Supporters Standing in Line for Grand Rapids Rally

A man who attended President Trump’s campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Thursday night told The Gateway Pundit he witnessed Trump supporters waiting in line blocks away from the rally get doused with feces-laden toilet water dumped from apartment windows several stories above the line.

Video posted by President Trump of the line:

The witness said by the time he got in line Thursday evening the line stretched many, many blocks long with three or four people abreast.  At one point the line passed by a six or seven story condo/apartment.

The witness, who was about forty feet back, heard shocked screams as Trump supporters reacted to being hit with water from above, then he heard more screams as they realized they had actually been hit with feces and toilet water. “They’re throwing shit!”, he heard. The witness looked up and saw a few open windows but did not see anyone in them.

When the witness, who was not hit, approached near the scene of the attack, he saw dirty water splashed in an area of about 5 by 12 feet.  The witness saw several (about eight or so) wet chunks of human looking feces in dirty water scattered on the sidewalk. The witness said they did not look like dog or cat turds. He did not think to take any photos or video.

A minute later a police officer approached and informed those in line the arena was full. The witness told the officer about the feces attack but the officer wasn’t interested. The witness watched the rally from the overflow crowd where he saw water balloons being thrown down onto Trump supporters. Grand Rapids police announced the made one arrest of the water balloon tossers.

The witness told his wife about the feces attack and she posted to Twitter about it during the rally, trying to get the attention of President Trump, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale and Diamond and Silk. She ended up getting the attention of The Gateway Pundit.

Looks like Trump supporters in line for rallies in urban areas may have to start bringing umbrellas with them on sunny days just in case liberals go potty again.

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