BREAKING: Angel Parents Will Join President Trump in the Oval Office on Friday When He Vetoes the Bill

Tonight the #WeBuildTheWall team hosted a live town hall from the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan.

Steve Bannon, Sheriff Clarke, Brian Kolfage, Kris Kobach, Brandon Darby, Mary Ann Mendoza, Tom Tancredo, Steve Ronnebeck and others will speak tonight at a town hall to support the We Build the Wall project.

**  The event was broadcast live on One America News Network, Gateway Pundit and on the WeBuildTheWall YouTube and Facebook pages.

Several local far left groups have organized protests for tonight’s rally.

OANN and The Gateway Pundit sponsored the Detroit Rally tonight.


Tonight at the Detroit Rally Steve Bannon broke the news that Border Angel parents will join President Trump on Friday when he vetoes the congressional bill blocking the president’s emergency declaration.

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