AWFUL! New York LGBT Center Cancels Scheduled #WalkAway Event — Founder Brandon Straka Finds Out via Twitter


Under pressure and threats of protests, an LGBT safe space known as “The Center” in New York has decided to cancel a #WalkAway event that was due to take place in their building.

The planned LGBT WalkAway town hall event was the first of its kind.  For years gays have been told the Democrat Party was their rightful home.  Today gays are getting fed up with the socialist surge in the DNC.  And gays are joining the MAGA movement where love of country, economic viability and national security are paramount.

The Center cancelled the event.


New York City is becoming a completely hostile place for Trump supportersRepublicans.   Diversity of thought is not allowed.

But The Center had previously supported the event:

Gay site Out reports:

The Center, New York City’s LGBTQ+ community center, has raised the ire of New York’s queer community for scheduling an #LGBTTownHall hosted by #WalkAway, a movement founded by gay man and former liberal Brandon Straka. The aim of the movement is to get LGBTQ+ people to abandon the Democratic party in favor of Republicans. The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 28.

Jason Rosenberg tweeted a screenshot of an ad for the event, which ran in the LGBTQ+ publication Get Out Magazine, on Monday. Rosenberg is a member of ACT UP, the AIDS activist group that has met weekly at the LGBT Center since its inception in 1987.

The ad says that Democrats use “lies, fear mongering, fake news, hate and division” to keep people in the party’s ranks.

“This is incredibly egregious that you’d host an event where panelists have used queer slurs and stood behind policies that put the community at great risk,” Rosenberg wrote in a subsequent tweet. “Stand for something.”

In a phone interview with Out, Rosenberg said his deepest concern is the “betrayal and testing of trust” for those who, like him, use the center for organizing and movement building.

“I think the fear mongering and hate speech that will fill that room encroaches on our ability to do our work properly,” he says.

Here’s Rosenberg’s tweet, which appears to be the start of the uproar:

This was followed by other groups threatening to disrupt the event:

The organizer of the event and #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka has fired back:

Popular YouTube personality Blaire White, who was one of the scheduled speakers, is going on about the covfefe as well:

Rob Smith, who touts himself as “America’s Favorite Black Gay Republican,” was also slated to speak at the event:

Straka has vowed to reschedule the event at another venue.

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