Awful! Hilton Refuses Jewish Reporter Laura Loomer Room at Hotel During CAIR Fundraiser Banquet

CAIR-LA Executive Director Plots Conquest of California via Mosques

On Saturday night the Council on American Islamic Relations, Los Angeles branch, (CAIR-LA) held their 4th Annual CAIR Fundraising Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills California.

Conservative Jew Laura Loomer attended the protests outside the Hilton against anti-Semitic Democrat Ilhan Omar who was the guest speaker at the CAIR banquet.


Laura posted video from the protests outside the Hilton.
Cristina Laila also reported on the protests last night on TGP.

Laura reserved a room at the Hilton but when she arrived she was turned away.

The Hilton opened its doors to CAIR, a co-conspirator to terror, but closed their doors to a Jewish journalist.

This is outrageous!

They treat Laura as if she is the criminal!
It’s as if she’s linked to a terror attack.

Tom Fitton weighed in.

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