Another Day, Another Crybully Tantrum At Portland State University

Just two days after Bell Boy disrupted a presentation at Portland State University, the college is now dealing with an unruly mob that seemingly hijacked a college board meeting that centered around having armed police officers on campus.

Most of the activist attendees in the crowd (who apparently have no jobs and no schoolwork to tend to) have been very vocal about disarming campus police. During public testimony, one student, Lesley Guerra, spoke up in favor of having armed police officers. Take a guess as to what the crazed activists did next.

What did the Board Of Trustees and campus security do about this tantrum? They practiced their buttsitting and selective disregardation skills by allowing the mob to shout down and intimidate the student, effectively preventing her from being able to speak her mind. They even physically took the microphone and her notes away from her.

The mob was led by student activist Olivia Pace, who has been involved several disruptions and protests on campus over the past few years, even targeting LGBT students. Also testifying against armed police was Andre Washington, the brother of Jason Washington, who was shot and killed by campus officers last summer in the middle of a street brawl. Andre is the one in the white shirt getting in Guerra’s face and literally taking the microphone.

KPTV reports:

Portland State University’s Board of Trustees held a special meeting Thursday to discuss the findings from a recent campus safety report.

The new report was written in response to the shooting death of Jason Washington, who was killed by Portland State University police after they responded to a bar fight in June last year.

At Thursday’s meeting, the board first heard from the consultants who made the report and compiled a list of recommendations for the college.

There was some applause in support of armed officers, but the majority of the crowd was more vocal against it.

“Afraid, poorly trained and looking at a black man led to the demise of a father, a husband, brother, friend and grandfather. Jason Washington was killed in cold blood, under false pretense and ill-advised training,” said Andre Washington, Jason Washington’s brother.

After one student began to offer a defense of the campus officers involved in the Washington case, the mic and her written statement were taken away.

“There’s a drunk guy, with a gun, who is not following orders and in my opinion that’s a very scary situation,” said Lesley Guerra, before she was stopped from continuing.

Report from KPTV’s YouTube channel:

Oregon Public Broadcasting played cover for the crybabies and omitted any mention of the tantrum in their report.

The student group that organized the tantrum issued this response:

Interesting that they make the claim in one paragraph that their concerns, testimony, and activism were based around the death of Jason Washington, but then in the next paragraph they contend that the Washington death had nothing to do with the event.

President Trump announced at CPAC last weekend that he would be signing an Executive Order requiring all colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars.

You can reach PSU president Rahmat Shoureshi at 503-725-4419.