Amazon Is Already Selling Advance Copies of Mueller Report – Available on March 26th!?!!

Guest post by Joe Hoft is already advertising for copies of the Mueller report available on March 26, 2019. One copy of the report is from the fake news Washington Post and the other is an introduction from Harvard attorney Alan Dershowitz.

How can Amazon already have copies of the Mueller report that it will be publishing later this month on March 26th?  This doesn’t make sense for various reasons.

For one the law states that the report that the Special Counsel provides to the US Attorney General but it is confidential.

When the report is received by Barr he does not need to release it in part or in full.  Also, the information in the report may be protected by grand jury precedings.

With these barriers to release somehow Amazon has copies for sale on March 26th?

How can Amazon know that the Mueller Report will be available for publication on March 26th?

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