A Country without Borders: 76,325 Illegal Aliens Apprehended at Border in February- Largest Since 2008 – Most Will Stay and Receive Benefits

76,325 illegal aliens were apprehended at the southern US border in February.

This was single worst month in eleven years since 2008. And there are several more caravans on their way to the US. If this continues nearly a million illegal aliens will be apprehended at the border this year.

Democrats say this is not an emergency.

And ten Republicans are likely to vote against President Trump and his border emergency declaration.


And at the same time Democrats want to give free benefits to their constituents, legal and illegal.
Is it really a surprise then that there are tens of thousands of illegals storming our border each week?

This cannot continue.
Either America reverses this invasion or America is finished.
It cannot continue.

Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review reported:

A record 76,325 apprehensions for one month is truly staggering, not only because it’s the single worst month at the border since fiscal year 2008, but because almost all of these people get to stay on our dime. Projected for the whole year, this pace would result in 916,000 apprehensions. But the pace is growing every month, because the catch-and-release expands.

While we had years with over one million apprehensions in past decades, most of the illegal immigrants were repatriated under expedited deportation within hours. This means that a lot of them were repeat crossers and they were deported in short order. These people coming now are first-timers and are successfully embedding themselves into our country within a few days, saddling us with the permanent cost of their care.

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