Young America’s Foundation Releases Report on Ridiculous Leftist College Courses, Many Targeting Trump in Their Descriptions

The Young America’s Foundation has released their 25th annual Comedy & Tragedy list of leftist courses at colleges across the nation — and many take aim directly at President Donald Trump in their descriptions.

The organization reviews and audits course catalogs, textbook requirements, commencement speakers, and “other key metrics that show the true state of higher education in America.”

“Many of the courses and descriptions listed in this year’s report may seem comical at first glance, but the situation that continues to unfold on America’s campuses is hardly a laughing matter. Beyond the inane, identity- and intersectionality-obsessed topics, these classes advance a liberal agenda, malign conservatives and their values, and shut out ideological diversity,” the organization wrote of their report.

At Indiana University, they are offering a course on “Global Anarchy” in which they explore “everything from Antifa in the streets of Trump’s America and anarcho-feminist essays to DIY pink scenes and apocalyptic zombie scenarios, this course seeks to advance a basic understanding of anarchist ideals, practices, and imaginaries.”


Meanwhile, at Middlebury College, they are offering a class on “American Misogyny” where they “conclude by examining how misogyny informs U.S. culture and politics in the Trump era. Throughout the course, we will consider how discourses of misogyny are inflected by white, cisgender, ableist, agist, and class privilege.”

At Columbia University, a course on “Fascism: Aesthetics & Politics” takes aim squarely at the president. The description says that “the election of President Donald Trump has renewed interest in the examination of fascism- as an ideology, as a political movement and as a form of governance.” The university is also offering classes on “practicing intersectionality” and “gender wars.”

Over at Cornell, a course titled “America Confronts the World” will make students explore how “Donald Trump and Barack Obama give us two visions of America and of the world: xenophobic nationalism and pragmatic cosmopolitanism.” Another course at the university, “Histories of the Apocalypse: From Nostradamus to Nuclear Winter” begins their description by saying that “Brexit, immigration, and the election of Donald Trump have all been recently heralded as signs of an imminent apocalypse.”

Read the full (both frightening and hilarious) list here.

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