WATCH: Dem Sen. Menendez Blames Trump For ‘Criminalizing’ Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) blasted President Trump on Monday for criminalizing illegal aliens who drive under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.

Menendez appeared on CNN Monday night and told Wolf Blitzer that Trump and ICE are to blame for detaining more illegal aliens than Congress has budgeted for.

“The reason that they [ICE] are already 8,000 [beds] over their budgeted amount — so they’re violating the budget, is because of the president’s zero-tolerance policy that has turned everyone, regardless of their record, into a criminal,” Menendez said.

“For example, if you cross the border undocumented, he [Trump] has now made you a criminal,” Menendez said. “If a person has a driving while under the influence violation, he is now making that, saying that’s criminal.”


Menendez argued that under the Obama administrations, ICE only detained and deported “violent” criminals — because drunk drivers never kill people….

Senator Menendez then pivoted to the typical Democrat lies and talking points that Trump is ripping children away from their parents — a policy that the Obama administration also followed.

“Because he tears children away from their mothers and puts them all in detention facilities, he has an over-demand as a result of his policy, so it’s his policy that’s driving this,” Menendez continued.

VIDEO via the Daily Caller:

Speaking of minors and children…

Allegations that Senator Bob Menendez paid for underage prostitutes during his trips to the Dominican Republic plagued him for years. Prosecutors declined to bring charges related to the prostitution claims, although a bribery case was pursued against him and ultimately ended in a mistrial.

FBI agents raided the offices of an eye doctor suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez

Prosecutors said the FBI was presented with specific corroborating allegations Menendez was paying for underage girls, yet he still got away with it.

Creepy pervert Bob Menendez is the last person who should be lecturing Trump or ICE officials on how to deal with criminal aliens.

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