WARDROBE MALFUNCTION: Democrats Wear White Gowns To SOTU In Wake Of Northam KKK Scandal

Female Democrat House members wore white tonight to honor the historic Suffrage movement.

Maybe white wasn’t the best choice for Democrats to wear while embroiled in a KKK scandal.


Good point. Dead baby girls can’t vote.


But not everyone agrees…

For some reason, Trevor Noah photoshopped a Robert Byrd costume on top of Rep Steve King.

But hey, as long as we’re on the topic of Trevor Noah and racism, who can forget some his top hits…

Nice. Should we photoshop a Hitler mustache on Trev’s face?

Or how about this deleted classic, since we’re also on the topic of women…

“I actually prefer the women’s league to the mens.” – Nobody ever, about any sport. (except maybe, beach volleyball)

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) January 29, 2012



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