VP Mike Pence in Colombia: “Nicolas Maduro Is an Usurper… He Must Go… All Options Are on the Table” (VIDEO)

Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Colombia on Monday to meet with President Ivan Duque and opposition leader Juan Guaido of Venezuela. VIce President Pence told Trish Regan on FOX Business Network that the US will not allow the Maduro Socialist regime to continue.

Vice President Mike Pence: The dictator Maduro was dancing in Caracas at the same time his henchmen were burning truckloads of food and medicine, I believe has only steeled the resolve of the nations across this hemisphere and around the world to stand strong in our conviction that Nicolas Maduro is an usurper. He has no legitimate claim to power and Nicolas Maduro must go… All options are on the table. We simply are not going to allow a regime that terrorizes and oppresses and brings such deprivation and poverty to its people to continue, to prevail in this hemisphere. We’re going to stand strong…

Via Trish Regan Primetime:

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