Two-Thirds of Voters Support Spending Deal that Includes Money for Border Barrier — GOP Lawmakers Don’t Care

A new FOX News poll found that 66% of voters, or 2/3’s, want a spending bill deal that includes funding for a border barrier, security and humanitarian aid.

President Trump tweeted about the poll on Thursday morning.

But Republican lawmakers don’t seem to care.
The GOP got steamrolled again in the latest “bi-partisan” border negotiations.

On Wednesday FOX News announced Democrats slipped a “poison pill” into the deal that will prevent the 55 miles of wall from being built.

But the agreement is even worse than what is being reported.

The areas Trump cannot build any wall.

Funds can only be used to make steel bollard design… no concrete wall, no prototypes. Same thing as what Bush and Obama built… just a little bit taller.

VOTE: Are You Still In Favor Of The Border Wall?

The bill secures more than $3.1 billion in foreign health services, more than twice for the wall.

Sec. of DHS cannot increase border crossing fees.

Border “Wall” construction is only allowed in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The bill DOES expand Catch and Release by reducing the number of border beds from 49,060 to 40,520.

No funding for additional enforcement and removal field personnel. – that means no more ICE agents to deport people already in the country.

What a disgrace.
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