Ted Malloch: This Ugly Man Wants to Reinstitute The Guillotine

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

Perhaps the ugliest (the superlative form of ugly) person in Europe, the globalist eminence and opponent to Brexit in all ways, is one, Guy Verhoftstadt.

The toothless wonder is a real piece of work.


He heads the super-liberal elements at the EU Parliament and was in a previous incarnation the terrible, Prime Minister of the so powerful country, Belgium.

In the last few days he has poured gasoline on the Brexit negotiations and made totally outlandish and horrible statements.

The first was an incendiary reference to the French Revolution—where he implied Conservative leaders in the UK should have their heads cut off.

Is that not a call to violence and hate speech at its worst?

Here is what he actually said, “Within the Tory Party, the hard Brexiteers are compared to the leaders of the French Revolution.”

Mr. Vehofstadt said during a press conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France (did you know the EU has two sites, one in Brussels the other in France?)
“I think Gove is Brissot, Boris Johnson is Danton, and Rees-Mogg is compared to Robespierre.”

He concluded, “But we should not forget that the efforts of these men were not appreciated by the Common Man they claimed to represent because they all ended up on the guillotine.”

This kind of vindictive attitude and inflammatory rhetoric is a hallmark in the stable of loony Mr. Verhofstadt.

This is not the first time the feisty and ignorant politician cum negotiator has insulted the British.

His anti-American views are also legion.

And no surprise, he is a huge Trump-hater.

In July of 2016 he said, “Politically, the U.K. is already on its way to becoming an adversary, rather than a trusted partner, of the EU… [Theresa] May actually opposed Brexit. Yet her anti-European hostility differs only in degree, not in kind, from that of pro-Brexit politicians… who rejoice at the possibility of additional exit referenda across the EU.”

Virulently anti-populist in tenor, Verhofstadt is mindful that his Euro project is failing, badly.

Brexit is more than a hard slap in the face and other countries are pouring buckets of cold water over everything his Eurocrats stand for.

The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world and the mother of democracy. It voted to LEAVE the European Union.

Let that sink in.

Mr. V (he thinks himself an action hero) admitted, “”The Brexit vote is a political earthquake. The reaction of the European Council, which merely focuses on better implementation, is shocking. When will EU governments recognize that you cannot defend this Europe anymore?”

Who is this little, ugly tyrant?

He is so full of himself; he is easy to parody and mock.

Yet he is the person in charge of the EU side during the Brexit negotiations.


Guy Maurice Marie Louise Verhofstadt (why are so many names needed) was born in 1953 and today he is the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the EU Parliament.

He is more than pro-EU.

He embodies the effort and the very ideology of its supranational globalism.

There is never enough EU for the likes of Verhofstadt and his cronies.

A radical since his school days, the Flemish hot head has a reputation that goes back decades.

Never able to stop running his mouth, the political force is detested by rational politicians and those to the right of center or who prefer a degree of sovereignty for their respective countries.

Verhofstadt is overly ambitious and cunning and has attempted himself to grab the ‘brass ring’ to become the President of the EU.

That attempt failed but not for lack of trying.

He called Trump the “head alligator of the swamp” and warned him, “It would be better if Trump stayed out of EU-UK business. Brexit is messy enough. Thanks but no thanks.”

Now you see what our closest allies — the Brits are up against as they try to reassert their freedom.

Nasty stuff, and in large part because of people like Verhofstadt—hardly a democrat or a kind and decent soul.

Trump should take a frame form our famous WWII General George Patton and lob a grenade into the nest of the Brussels-Crats if they want to go all Robespierre.

Tell them we paid for their freedom from the Nazi menace and we demand they give the UK theirs.

Extend a free trade agreement immediately on exit to the UK and up the ante.

Say any country in Europe that wants the same accord can have it for the asking—just not through the EU.

Here is a video of the man in action.

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