Ted Malloch: The Movie VICE is a Wacko, Liberal Hatchet Job on the Honorable Dick Cheney

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

The movie VICE is a wacko, liberal hatchet job on the honorable Dick Cheney, who dutifully served America as a Congressman, Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense and of course as, Vice President.

Cheney and his lovely wife believe in and defend American exceptionalism, as did our founding fathers.

For that they are excoriated, again and again.

Like him or hate him, this film fails to comprehend him or the times in which he lived and held power.

It is supposed to be a ‘true story’ but is instead riddled with misstatements, fabrications, farce, and outright slander.

Watch the trailer here so you don’t have to waste your hard earned money going to the theater.

Adam McKay, the director and writer who also gave us the far better The Big Short, has made a circus for ultra-libtards.

That is what he set out to do and his only real accomplishment.

Maybe there is an award for that?

This is not an Academy award winning effort, unless politics dictates such accolades in our presently hyperpolarized environment.

Hollywood types and their leftist fans love to poke fun at conservatives and this is the best they can do.

Ha ha…

But let’s be honest, this is not so much a movie, a documentary, or an epic in some grand historical or biopicorial tradition, as it is a failed attempt at comedy.
It is a dark film—in truth a ‘’monster’ movie—albeit without a convincing monster.

Dick Cheney may be many things — good husband, loving father, devoted patriot, loyal Republican but he is no monster.

Nor does he likely quote Shakespeare in bed—very scathing sarcasm, perhaps?

The movie-rating site Rotten Tomatoes only gives this picture a meager 66% rating, which makes it very mediocre.

The fact is, this treatment will not stand the test of time.

Indeed already, not in 10 or 20 years, we can have a more objective and historical account of the Bush-Cheney years and the war on terrorism which enveloped it.

This failed story line is surely not an epic of any merit.

The war in Iraq is, in hindsight, a costly mistake on many different levels but this treatment misses most of that., except that Colin Powell lied about WMD and felt bad about it.

A sloppy, fabricated, and truncated storyline of a bureaucrat and insider becoming the most powerful man in the world is mostly fiction not truth.

Christian Bale’s acting is good, not great but his makeup to look like Cheney is perhaps the best thing to be said about an otherwise tedious and at times quite boring movie.

Its attempt at humor completely fails and is at times rather dank and foreboding. No one laughed at the punch lines, even with Steve Carell, as Rumsfeld or Sam Rockwell as Bush ’43, delivering them.

The concluding scene entails a gruesome medical operation on Cheney’s transplanted heart.

It is graphic and leaves us with a rather sophomoric cynicism—i.e., Cheney is heartless.

An adolescent could do better than this.

The credits have a surprise, I won’t spoil here, and the shots of fly-fishing in Wyoming are reminiscent of the much better film, A River Runs Though It.

The pictures of flies at the end—as bullets, bombs, missiles, and grenades, are hardly clever.

Everything is so overdone.

The left owns filmmaking and most publishing, so it is difficult to see how culture can be reshaped to conform to reality or traditional values at this late stage of post-modernism.

The play on ‘Vice’ is however a place to begin that effort.

I doubt anyone in Hollywood can even name the seven deadly vices, although they practice them regularly.

Can you?

(Hint think: envy, pride, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth).

However in order to have a theory of malevolence or evil, ergo the vices, and in this pic their embodiment in Dick Cheney, you have to have a theory of good and evil.

The left has nonesuch, let alone a sense of the virtues that overcome; well can I mention this word, sin?

VICE is not vice to play on words.

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