Sore Loser Stacey Abrams to Run Super Bowl Ad Demanding Government Count All of the Fraudulent Votes

Sore-loser Democrat Stacey Abrams was outraged after she was not able to steal the Georgia governor’s race in November.

Abrams lost by tens of thousands of votes but was irate because she could not manufacture enough additional votes after election day.

The Democrat loser followed up her loss by making the rounds on liberal shows complaining about how Georgia law makes it very difficult for Democrats to cheat.

Now this…

Stacie Abrams will run an ad during the Super Bowl demanding the government count all the fraudulent votes in the state.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported:


Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams will star in a Super Bowl commercial on Sunday to talk about her campaign for election reform.

“Every vote should be counted from every corner of our state,” Abrams says in the 30-second advertisement, which is set to air during the Super Bowl in numerous Georgia regional markets. “Join us in the fight for election reform. Take a selfie and share your support.”

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