Second Justin Fairfax Accuser Has Contemporaneous Witnesses – She IMMEDIATELY Told College Friends Justin Fairfax Raped Her

Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax

A second woman came forward and accused Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault on Friday.

The accuser, a woman named Meredith Watson, requested the resignation of Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax through her attorney Nancy Erika Smith on Friday, alleging Fairfax raped her in college in the year 2000.

According to the statement released by Nancy Erika Smith, Meredith Watson has contemporaneous witnesses who have provided statements corroborating Ms. Watson’s claims Fairfax raped her.


“We have statements from former classmates corroborating that Ms. Watson immediately told friends that Mr. Fairfax had raped her.” the statement from Ms. Smith reads.

Ms. Watson not only told classmates that Fairfax raped her immediately after it happened in 2000, she also shared the account of the rape with her friends in a series of emails and Facebook messages, according to Ms. Watson’s attorney.

“Ms. Watson is reluctantly coming forward out of a strong civic sense of duty,” the statement says, adding, “She is not seeking any financial damages.”

“Ms. Watson hopes he will resign from public office.” (screenshot of statement below)

Dr. Vanessa Tyson, the first woman to accuse Justin Fairfax of sexual assault has a very compelling, believable story, however she does not offer any contemporaneous witnesses to corroborate her claims Mr. Fairfax sexually assaulted her at a DNC convention in Boston in 2004.

To be clear, a lack of contemporaneous witnesses does not mean Dr. Tyson was never sexually assaulted by Justin Fairfax.

Dr. Tyson says after she was assaulted by Justin Fairfax, she “suffered from both deep humiliation and shame,” a common thing women experience after a traumatic sexual assault.

“I did not speak about it for years, and I (like most survivors) suppressed those memories and emotions as a necessary means to continue my studies, and to pursue my goal of building a successful career as an academic,” Dr. Tyson said in a statement.

Both women who allege they were sexually assaulted by Justin Fairfax should be heard and taken seriously.

What makes this second woman’s case against Justin Fairfax so strong is the fact that she told classmates about the rape immediately after it happened.

To further put this into context, Christine Blasey Ford didn’t even offer up one contemporaneous witness to corroborate her claims Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a decades-old drunken high school party, yet the Senate Judiciary Committee allowed her to publicly testify against Kavanaugh.

The same Democrats who called for Brett Kavanaugh’s head on a pike are silent about Justin Fairfax’s sexual assault scandal. Let that sink in.

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