SCREAMING PROTESTER Threatens Steve Bannon at ‘We Build the Wall’ Town Hall in Tucson, AZ –PHOTOS

The We Build The Wall team held a Tucson Town Hall on Friday night.
The Gateway Pundit and One America News Network aired the town hall live from Tucson, Arizona.

The line-up included Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage, Tom Tancredo, Kris Kobach, Brandon Darby, Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza, Angel Dad Steve Ronnebeck and was hosted by Jennifer Lawrence.

The event was sponsored by Wounded Warrior alumni Sergio Arellano and Quail Creek Republican Club.

During the program tonight a man with a red, white and blue shirt and backpack took the microphone to ask the panelists a question.
The man first thanked Brian Kolfage for his service.

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Then he approached the front of the room with a backpack saying he had something for Steve Bannon.

The protester was cut off by police before he could make it to the stage.

Brandon Darby, from Breitbart News, stood up and put himself between Steve and the protester.

The protester then started screaming about Bannon going to prison before he was dragged from the room.

This protester was the latest leftist to threaten a prominent Trump supporter.

Here is the livefeed from the rally.

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