Roger Stone: ‘I Am Collateral Damage,’ The Ultimate Target Is The President (VIDEO)

The Mueller investigation is sending people to jail—but not for ‘Russian collusion.’

The multiple criminal cases enveloping Trump’s inner circle amid the ongoing special counsel investigation have not bolstered the case that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

But the investigation, which is premised on unsubstantiated claims, outright lies and Hillary’s phony Russia dossier, will continue to plague Trump because its only purpose is to nullify his presidency, warns Roger Stone.

“The ultimate target of the special counsel is the president, not me,” Stone said. “I am just collateral damage because I worked for his election and I helped defeat Hillary Clinton.”

Roger Stone is not a serial killer or a terrorist and the longtime Republican consultant is guilty of little more than associating with Donald Trump. He was indicted for process crimes that allege he misled Congress and federal investigators – a crime that Hillary Clinton, her aides and top Obama officials did routinely and brazenly without consequence.

The politically weaponized Justice Department is proving time after time that the law does not apply to leftists, Stone argued.

“Mr. [James] Comey, Mr. [Andrew] McCabe, Mr. [John] Brennan, Mr. [Rod] Rosenstein, Mr. [Christopher] Wray, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills – all these people lied to the government investigators, which is a crime. All of them lied under oath to Congress, on material matters and they pay no penalty,” he said. “And they’ve destroyed evidence.”


“I’ve destroyed no evidence. Yet, I am being persecuted in a contorted perjury case.”

Since June 2016, the Democratic Party insists its servers had been hacked and the content released by the Russian government, but the DNC and the intelligence community has provided no evidence of this theory. The phony dossier that the Clinton campaign and FBI used to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Trump advisor Carter Page in 2016 claims Trump colluded with Russia to obtain the DNC emails.

The committee refused to allow the Department of Homeland Security or the FBI to forensically examine the DNC server.

Yet, according to Stone, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. lied during a committee hearing, claiming the DNC availed the server to the FBI.

“Adam Schiff said otherwise in the hearing that I was in before Congress,” he said. “Again, the assertion that the Russians hacked the DNC is an accusation. It has never been proven in a court of law. There is very substantial forensic evidence that that is not the case and it is far more likely that the stolen data was downloaded to some sort of portable drive and taken out the back door.”

“It’s very, very scary because what happened to me could happen to any American. I am in my sixties, I don’t own a gun. I don’t own a valid passport. I am not a flight risk. I have no previous record. I am charged with a nonviolent process crime,” he said. “Yet, they mounted a greater raid on my house than the one they mounted to arrest and kill Bin Laden,” he continued. “It was an attempt to paint me to the American public as public enemy number one and to take the jury pool against me. It is entirely unfair and that’s why I am glad Sen. Graham is looking into the details.”

It remains a mystery whether the “hacked” server which ignited investigation that has “financially broken” Stone was actually hacked, or if the emails were leaked by an inside source. Mueller is not fulfilling his mandate to investigate possible leaks.

In April, the DNC filed a lawsuit against Stone, the Trump campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks, alleging the three entities conspired to help President Trump win the 2016 election. Stone predicted his legal team will ultimately get to the bottom of underlying claims that ‘Russians’ hacked, stole, and disseminated DNC data during the discovery phase of the legal battle.

“Remember, the Democrats hired a leftist firm [CrowdStrike] to cover up the truth about their server,” Stone noted. “They never let the FBI investigate it. Now I am being sued by the DNC and we have served notice in that lawsuit that we intend to inspect that server and it should be preserved. I would not be shocked to learn that [the server] has been destroyed,” Stone said.

“When the Capitol Hill police informed [Wasserman Schultz] that the Awan brothers were under investigation, she changed their status in the House computer system from consultants to employees so they would have continued access. They went on to steal data and money. That makes her an accessory. There is no investigation into her, and you won’t read about that anywhere.”

The longtime Trump confidant urged Americans to support him at 

“They have the unlimited resources of the American taxpayers and I am not a wealthy man. I am essentially broke, this has broken me financially and I have to raise the money for the lawyers for my defense and the security of my family because they are under constant death threats, threats of violence and so on.”

As Rush Limbaugh has pointed out, the indictment of Roger Stone proves that there wasn’t any collusion.

“If Trump is colluding with Russia, and if Russia is responsible for WikiLeaks having the Podesta emails, then Trump would know this. Trump would know because he’s colluding with Russia,” Limbaugh said Friday. “So why would a Trump adviser, whatever Roger Stone was, why would he be hustling around trying to find out what WikiLeaks had and when they were gonna use it? There would be no reason for Roger Stone to be doing this if Trump were colluding with Russia.”

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